Self-Balancing Scooter: 10 Best Places to Ride

All right, you or someone you understand took the plunge and produced the purchase: a scooter.

There’s a good deal of buzz surrounding this modest self-balancing scooter (look samples here, and we’re here to assist. If you’re searching for the 411 on fundamental operations, or decent costs, how your board functions, we’ve got you covered.

So, we’ll assume you have set in some time practicing and are ready to take your riding adventure to the next level — and we bet you’ve asked yourself among the most Frequent questions:

“Where do I ride my self-balancing board?”
It is the quandary that conveys a good deal of our cyclists’ minds. There is a lot to think about — especially with all the evolving regulations and laws round hoverboards across cities. Well, that is the reason why we’re here to answer any queries our riders pose!
Whether you’re looking for an easy urban sightseeing course or to escape a panoramic road, we are here to aid you!

“Location Matters.”
What makes these places so good to ride? What were the standards and also why were they chosen by us?

When making our selections to find the best riding destinations, we wanted to offer our passengers a comprehensive list of locations with a lot to offer — whether it’s the opinion, an urban setting with loads of stops to experience, or perhaps simply a long, decent street to cruise almost endlessly — we all attempted to get a tiny bit of what.

Well, here it goes…

Portland, Oregon, USA

“Keep Portland Weird” has become the popular city-wide motto for many years — and if you’ve been, then you are aware of the city can be famously bike and skating friendly. Designed with cyclists, skaters, and pedestrians in your mind, the town accommodates all sorts of traffic with several bicycle lanes and broad footpaths, providing it a reputation among the most pro personal transportation cities in the U.S.

Must-Try Trail: To knock on the tourist destinations off your list, we highly suggest hitting the Northwest + Downtown Portland Bike/Walk Map that will take you along many urban points of attraction (i.e.: museums, markets, and important city fixtures). A few of the paths go off a course for a few viewpoints.

Do not -Miss Destination: In case you’re a reader, then there are several bookstores to journey along with stop-by, like Powell’s. You are in luck if you are a foodie! Portland is home to over 500 food packs with everything from fusion to gourmet to just exceptional! You map out of your route and can find a smattering of selections!

Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

While Bugs Bunny took lots of wrong turns at Albuquerque, you do not need to. This is the biggest city in the state of New Mexico. Famous for its large desert climate and streets gets the conditions for hockey!

Must-Try Trails: With hills that look tailor-made for longboarding and hoverboarding, we practically can’t recommend this city enough! Just jump right in!

Do not Miss Destination: With all these museums and the Sandia Peak Tramway, you’ll find several sights worth seeing, you simply may need to hop off your hoverboard to perform them!

Los Angeles, California, USA

LA is among those best-skating destinations for many factors. Its climate is ideal — there is hardly a rainy day out of the year, meaning the roads are in a perfect state for skating. Next: the city’s sheer size! Los Angeles boasts a set of straight or straight up stops and is a city.

Must-Try Trail: the Santa Monica Pier is the perfect public spot to combine other bicycle riders and skateboarders and take in the spectacle. Cruise jump off to join in some fun in the arcade or the Ferris wheel, or idly across the boardwalk. There is no end to what you could do at the pier!

Do not -Miss Destination: Downtown LA (Aka: The Artist District) is probably among the very hoverboard particular friendly places. It is possible to glide from store to shop, even pub to pub, with astonishing and bizarre sights. Heck, you’re probably going to run into three or four individuals riding hoverboards of their own. Be sure to drop to take in some awesome artwork and literature.

San Francisco, California, USA

San Francisco is among the planet’s most sought after cities to reside in. With a ton of tourist traps and even just attractiveness, this urban setting features parks, hills, and tons of stops which make it among the planet’s most populous hoverboarding destinations.

Must-Try Course: Lombard Street is the place to be if you are a hoverboard expert. Adding over 8 switchbacks in 180-degree turns out, this isn’t for the faint of heart disease.
It is also the site of Steve McQueen’s famous car chase sequence in Bullitt, in addition to a characteristic in Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo, and makes for some wicked images.

Don’t-Miss Destination: Golden Gate Park has tens of thousands of room for anyone to explore on foot, bike, or hoverboard! Additionally, home to many museums, you’ll discover a few in addition to cruise across your way. You’ll feel like you’re in an enchanted forest!

Pacific Beach, San Diego, California, USA

Whether you’re seeing the sunset or the waves roll over the sand, you are likely to enjoy riding along Pacific Beach in peaceful San Diego.

Must-Try Trail: Start in Palisades Park and end at North Jetty. This shore cruise is really a decent 7 kilometers near sand and surf!

Do not -Miss Destination: Be sure to have some fish tacos as you’re from the area — you will not regret it!

Venice Beach Boardwalk, Venice Beach, California, USA

Venice Beach Boardwalk is really where you want to be if you wish to take in the sun, sand, and the ocean. Great for a long, relaxing scenic getaway, you’re going to be able to cruise alongside skaters and cyclists next to the coastline. Be sure to make some decent tunes and a helmet.

The ride speaks for itself. It’s the combo Must-Try Path and Do not -Miss Destination in a package!

“Dirty 6th Street” — Austin, TX, USA

Austin is another place that enjoys to”Keep it odd” — also, apparently, it was the first.
The original hipster capital (as well as the true funding of the state of Texas itself), Austin is known for its set of acclaimed music and restaurant scenes.

Must-Try Trail: Austin is chock full of big parking lots for extra practice, as well as broad streets for all kinds of hoverboard heavy quest!

Do Not -Miss Destination: Dirty 6th Road is the epicenter of hipster culture in Austin. Having a smattering of pubs that are popular you can slip from pub to pub.

Clearwater, Florida, USA

Found in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, Clearwater is popular because of its calm beaches and decent weather. And that the sand is supposed to be soft as finely powdered chalk…!

Must-Try Route: Make Sure to ride on the Boardwalk and enjoy from the crystal clear coastline!

Do not -Miss Destination: The hot recommendation of several educated sailors, Sand Key Park is a wonderful place to put down, relax, and work on that tan if you’re all hovered-out.

New York City, New York, USA

With more nicknames and alter egos than a comic book villain, New York is host to…well, nearly every sight and destination imaginable under the sun.

But with heavy constraints on where you are able to ride your hoverboards, it can be hard to get a fantastic place to ride. Please, note you are by law not permitted to ride your hoverboard on the streets or sidewalk. You are, nevertheless, allowed to ride them in many public parks.

Must-Try Trail: with this much history and art, we recommend taking the time to delve into the most amazing sights and sounds that world-famous Central Park has to offer you. Catch your hoverboard and start discovering!

Do Not -Miss Destination: The Loch is a Gorgeous secret concealed in the North End. If you’re into bodies of water or the tranquil sounds of waterfalls cascading, this is the jam.

Santa Barbara, California, USA

Celebrated for its tepid climate and relaxing beach scene, Santa Barbara retains an elegant air of artwork, nice food, and civilization. Active than its counterpart, LA, San Francisco, along with Northern cousin, Santa Barbara is the place for some.

Must-Try Trail: Shoreline Drive and Cabrillo Boulevard is a favorite walking/biking tour. Many can be seen riding bicycles their skates up and down the strip. Best part? The beach is only a hop skip and a hop off. Get it all into a breeze that is cool!

Do not -Miss Destination: be certain to take a trip up till Santa Barbara’s most famous shortcut throughout downtown, State Street, where you can get all types of unique cafes and stores and actually take in the Santa Barbara feel.

There you have it! The ten hoverboard destinations, according to Team SWAGTRON!
Did not observe a place you particularly enjoyed? We wish to hear it! Let us know in the comments what your favorite place to ride your plank that is self-balancing is!

But keep in mind, no matter where you go, take precautions to be as careful as possibly possible — and HAVE FUN!

“Caution Matters”
When picking your dream place for hoverboarding, be certain to study up on the area. The town’s what you’ll have to be careful, and design!

Always keep your surroundings in mind. Observe traffic flow and legislation. Look out for riders or pedestrians, wear pads and a helmet, and make sure you wear bright clothing so you can be spotted.

If you wish to follow music, invest in hands-free speakers (useful tip: our T3 hoverboards come with Bluetooth speakers) or make an earbud outside — make certain that you always have the option to listen to oncoming traffic or other riders.
With our cautionary guidance from the way, let us get right down to it!