Wing It Up at Buffalo NY in the National Buffalo Wing Festival

When planning to visit Buffalo City, make it in time for the National Buffalo Wing Festival. That way you can participate in any of the numerous contests held to celebrate the city’s iconic industry, the world famous Buffalo Wing. As many as 2.4 million wings are consumed in a span of 2 consecutive festive days, by way of eating and cooking contests and as special treats of 131 participating Buffalo City restaurants.

This year, the events are scheduled to take place at the Coca Cola Field on Labor Day Weekend on August 31 and September 01, 2019. As many as 400,000 chicken wing lovers coming from different countries are expected to attend; traveling all the way from nearly all American states and from different countries.

Take part in competitive eating contests, in chicken sauce cooking competitions, and in the Miss Buffalo Wing pageant. The yearly festival offers experience like no other as the 2-day program of competitions also features live band entertainment and quiz shows in between.

History Phase 1: Birth of the Famous Buffalo Wing

It is impossible not to know or hear about the Buffalo Wing that greatly improved the city’s economy. In 1964, Teresa Bellissimo, then hands-on proprietor and operator of family-owned watering hole known as the Anchor Bar, decided to whip up a new specialty for her late night patrons. The dish is a plateful of fried chicken wings smothered with a heapful of Teresa’s own concoction of a Buffalo spicy sauce; whilst partaken with a side dressing of blue cheese with celery. The only reason why Teresa decided on blue cheese is that it was the only one available.

As the dish became a hit and eventually sought after not only by local customers, but also by Buffalo City visitors, the now famous Anchor Bar Buffalo Wings became available in different levels of spiciness: Mild, Medium, Spicy Hot Sauce or Spicy Hot BBQ. Customers can even split orders into different spicy levels to make sharing enjoyable for everyone.

History Phase 2: The Advent of the National Buffalo Wing Festival

Despite its growing popularity throughout America and in some countries, Buffalo City tourism promoters never had it in their agenda to hold an annual Buffalo Wing Festival. The concept cropped up in 2002, when a Bill Murray movie  “Osmosis Jones,” featured a compulsive binger obsessed with competing in a National Buffalo Wing Festival. At that time, the festival was only a product of the movie writer’s imagination.

Yet a Buffalo local named Drew Cerza, quickly took up the idea. In the same year, the first National Buffalo Wing Festival became a reality. It has been taking place annually and through the years, became instrumental in attracting greater numbers of tourists.

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